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Main Features


Adjustable stretch collar with ultrasonic bark training system.

※ Easy to read controlling panel.

※ High / low sensitivity for dog training.

※ Battery operated with rainproof design.

Battery Operated Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper With Rainproof Design | WT710

Product Description:


This Dog Anti Barking Training Collar is designed to make effective control of your dogs with ultrasonic sounds, it’s 100% safe for training compared with the items with static shock function. The micro-processes system would be triggered on when the dog barks, the ultrasonic sound would be sent out to stop the barking, making them feel uneasy without any harm.

The intensity for ultrasonic sound for training could be adjusted with ” Low ” and ” High ” buttons on the panel, there is a little buzzer sound when training noticing the owner the training system is being well processed.

2 AG10 button cells are needed for This Dog Bark E Training Collar to support the power supply, making it small and lightweight, could be used onto small and medium dogs, and its rainproof function can greatly expand the conditions for usage, no more worry about the rain problem.


Voice prompts
When the dog is too barking, the dog bite the collar will be issued to make the dog uncomfortable sound, so that the dog stopped barking

Ultrasonic tips
Ultrasonic warning is the dog’s high-tech technology, ultrasonic people can not hear, only the higher sensitivity of the animals can hear the dog, the dog is one of the animals, when the dog is too barking time, the dog The bite collar will be issued to make the dog uncomfortable ultrasound, suggesting that dogs do not bark, thus stopping the dog barking.

How Do Buttons Work

Ultrasonic-This is the recommended settings for daily use. This unit will emit ultra-sound only your dogs to hear. Your dog will feel uncomfortable and stop barking.

High Button-Setting the collar on this setting will set the sensitivity of the unit at higher settings, which means even soft bark will cause the unit to activate

Low Button-Setting the collar on ‘Low’ setting will only activate the unit when more aggressive bark occurs.

Audible-Audible will allow everyone to hear the unit activate. This setting is recommended for testing.

Power And Wearing Method Of The Collar
Dog buckle collar with two AG10 battery-powered, collar itself has a high degree of waterproof function, and, in terms of appearance more humane, more beautiful, and the use of rubber buttons, prompts simple and easy to operate,

Place the unit around your dog’s neck and adjust the collar length using the slide buckle arrangement provides with the strap. The unit should fit snugly underneath your dog’s neck. The terminator should be close to the dog’s throat so that the sensor could work well.

Connect transmitter and receiver:
The Terminator system could be activated by voice, you can test the system with blows. Press the “Audible”, blow the back side of the unit, you can hear a clear beep sound meaning that the sensor inside works normally. The “low” & “High” means different levels for sensitivity. Finally, you can try the “Ultrasonic” function, give it a blow, the system would deliver a beep sound (a different form that one in “Audible” function), and an inaudible ultrasonic sound at the same time, your dog will find the ultrasonic uneasy to hear and stop barking.

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Home > Products > Bark Collar > Battery Operated Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper With Rainproof Design | WT710