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Main Features


※ 150 yard controlling range with low power consumption design.

※ 100% brand new for UK Market E Collar with No Shock corrections.

※ Uses vibration instead of static stimulation.

※ Ideal E collar for small family dogs with 2 levels for vibration and whistle.

※ Whistles and low-frequency vibration of the receiver can be used for pet training.

※ High-frequency vibration of the collar will stop the improper deeds of the pet.

※ LED signal light and illumination at night, you can look for your dog easily at night.

※ Ideal for training small dogs as well as pitbull training. You'll learn how to house train a dog easily with this item.


150 Yards Remote Range No Shock Training Collars For Small Family Dogs | WT714

Product Description:

Training Collars For Dogs | WT714 is specially designed for small dogs in size, the transmitter is small enough to fit in your pocket. The whole set is functioned with vibration and warning sounds, 100% safe for dog training, by using this E-collar, you can get your puppy controlled with 150 yards, stop him from improper manner effectively.

No need to worry about your dog’s toleration ability towards static shock, there is no shock at all,100% safe for small dogs. Besides, this item has a large market demand in shock banned areas, help the owner get their trained in a milder method.

Training Collars For Dogs | WT714 could be an ideal choice for small dog training, apart from the No Shock design, the vibration levels are just right for the small dogs, there are 2 levels available, weak and strong, quite easy to use and 100% safe!


Check Before Use

Place the unit around your dog’s neck and adjust the collar length using the slide buckle arrangement provides with the strap. The unit should fit snugly underneath your dog’s neck. Make sure that the electrodes are in direct contact with your dog’s skin, Hair between the electrodes and skin will severely diminish the shock effect. If necessary, It’s advisable to clip or shave your dog’s fur under the neck to ensure direct contact.

Checking the Remote Controller
Press the buttons on the Remote Controller respectively. The indicator light turns on for every pressing, If the light 
goes dim or can't be lit up, you need to replace the battery.

Checking the Receiver
Install the batteries coming with the package, the receiver beeps for successful installation, otherwise
, you need to take out the batteries and try again 10 seconds later.

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How Do Buttons Work

Strongly vibrate button: Use this button to correct dog behavior when you encounter a bigger dog or tenacious dog.

Slightly vibrating button: This button controls the receiver to give a slight vibration. Suitable for smaller dogs.

Beep training: Voice prompt button to correct the dog’s error.

Light button: Light button. When the button is pressed, the LED on the receiver lights up.

Best Dog Training Collar Transmitter
The system works with 3 functions in total, the beep sound can be treated as the mildest training method for your dog, and it’s also the most suggested way to stop your dog’s unwanted behavior after he has a clear idea of the training system and the light button is for dog seeking when it’s dark outside. For vibrate training, you can choose the weak correction for the initial training, and the strong level could be chosen for the extremely improper manner.

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Connection Between Transmitter and Receiver

Make sure the transmitter has been turned on and could work normally, then install the battery into the reciever, you will hear a clear beep sound from the reciever, move transmitter close to receiver and press any button, the receiver delivers a series beeps sound, then try the vibrate button to see wheather they are well connected.

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Change of Batteries & Power-saving Design

Change of batteries:
1.Receiver: Screw off the two screws in the bottom cover with an adequate tool, remove the bottom cover and change the two batteries (model: AAA / 1.5V). Pay attention to the anode and cathode of the batteries. Then mount back the bottom cover.
2.emote controller: Remove the battery cover at the lower part of the back of the remote controller by pushing it following the arrow, change the batteries (model: 23A 12V ) and then mount back the battery cover.


Power-saving desgin
The vibration triggering switch is installed inside of the reciever, and the system would connect the power automatically when it vibrates, and the receiver will be in a standby mode. It would cut off the power after 5 minutes without operation.

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