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Main Features


※ Easy and effective intensity levels of stimulation / vibration.

※ User-friendly big LCD display.

※ Blue back light function to ensure usage under low visibility.

※ Battery indicator to check power supply anytime.

※ 330 yards remote control range.

※ Audible tone gently customized according to dog hearing system.

※ One remote control with two collar receivers (extra one optional), thoughtful for pet owners.

※ Training two dogs individually under same chosen mode.


330 Yards Remote House Training Shock Collar | PST008

Product Description:


Remote Shock Collar | PST008 is a dog training collar with the most humanized design, three buttons for Vibration, Tone, and Shock are designed separately with Skin-friendly Silicone Material, you just need to hold the transmitter in hand, feel the buttons and get it worked without a look, Easy-to-read LCD screen with Backlight with a proper size goes well with the transmitter, making the whole set more fashionable.

No more worry about the water problem, the receiver with IPX7 waterproof grade can give your dog enough time to enjoy the cool summer, and the comfortable TPU collar could make sure the receiver is fastened in a proper way, and don’t forget the 330 yards remote control range, can you imagine your dog swimming towards you with a water polo after a press on the buttons.

330 Yards Remote House Training Shock Collar | PST008 has 4 modes, light, beep, vibration and shock function. Vibration and Shock function is adjustable from 1 to 16 correction levels, choose a most suitable one as you wish, and get your dogs trained safely.

Remote Shock Collar | PST008 ranges up to 330 yards between remote and collars, which means, you can control the collar as far as 330 yards away from your dog. Make your dog run in the garden and park freely.



Operating Guide
1. The Receiver has been encoded to the transmitter in the factory.

2. Press any button to activate the transmitter and turn on the receiver by pressing the button on it.

3.1/2 button can be used when you need to train 2 dogs at the same time.

4. There are 1-16 intensity levels for you to choose from with “+” and “-” buttons.
5. Make sure the collar is well worn on the dog’s neck, and the contact point can touch their skin properly.

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How Do Buttons Work



Delivers an audible tone to the collar.

Delivers vibration to collar base current level shown on Digital
Display, vibration will time-out for 5 seconds if pressed continuously for 10 Seconds and will reset after a timeout period.

Delivers shock to collar base on current level shown on Digital Display, the shock will time-out 5 seconds if pressed continuously for 10 seconds and will reset after a timeout period.
“+” And “-“:

“+” And “-“Control the correction level, up to 16 levels.

To turn the Transmitter on

Press any button to power on the transmitter, lighting up the display. Press UP button/Down button to adjust the intensity level of Stimulation/Vibration.“1/2” button indicates either channel 1 or channel 2 on the transmitter. Select one channel for use with one collar receiver. If there is no operation on the transmitter within 30 seconds, the blue backlight will shut off, and the system goes into standby mode with no operation for 5 minutes. In standby mode, it could be activated by pressing any button.

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To turn the Receiver Collar on

1. Press and hold the On/Off button(approximately 1s) until the Green LED light starts blinking.
2. In normal mode, the Green LED will flash once every 5 seconds, indicating the Collar Receiver is on and ready to receive signals from the transmitter.

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Connect transmitter and receiver:

If your Receiver Collar does not beep when the TONE Button of the Remote Transmitter is pushed, or if you feel the Receiver Collar is not responding to the Remote Transmitter, follow these steps:

1. With the Receiver Collar off your pet, turn the Receiver Collar off. Restart, press and hold the On/Off Button until the Green LED flashes every second on the Receiver Collar. This continues for 16 seconds, within which pairing should be completed.

2. Press and hold the TONE and VIBRA Button of the Remote Transmitter at the same time until the Green LED Light on the Receiver Collar flashes rapidly for 5 times, indicating pairing is completed.

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