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Main Features

※ Innovative citronella spray collar | T400 in 2018.
※ Remote-control dog training mode and automatic dog training mode switchable, spraying volume adjustable.
※ Refill mist, no CFC, safe for humans and pets.
※ Solve the problem of nozzle leakage.
※ One refill can spray about 500 times.
※ Remote controller covers a distance of 80 meters.
※ Durable TPU integrated belt.
※ Small but capable remote, easy to carry.
※ Expandable to 2 dogs.
※ Remote used by 12V battery. Receiver 130mAH rechargeable battery.

Innovative 2 In 1 Compact Remote Citronella Spray Collar | T400

Product Description:

User friendly design.

Citronella spray collar | T400 Functions:

1. Dog training by remote control mode;

2. Automatic screening of dog’s bark to trigger the sprayer for stopping bark.

Using environmentally friendly natural essential oil spraying agent, it has no harm to the safety of people and pets, and makes your dog feel surer of itself, thus avoiding the use of muzzle on the dog and the unreasonable way to stop dog’s bark such as electric shocks.

Core Competence:
Citronella spray collar | T400 works as a remote dog collar as well as a independent auto spray collar.
2. When set in automode, T400 won’t operate even if there are other sounds around it. It will only respond to the dog’s barking.
3. Unlike other models, the spray feature of
Citronella spray collar | T400 will work properly, and won’t be jammed or stuck.

1. With 12V battery in the remote, the battery will last for 200-250 days if the battery is removed when not in used.
2. With 130mA rechargable battery.

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Product Concept:

1. More and more users, especially in the USA, are looking for products without shock feature.
2. The Spray+Tone+Vibration combination has become a new trend for users in the USA.
3. The first revolutionary and innovative design with remote and spray features. Also the collar itself can work as a independent spray collar.

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