What would you do if your dog refuses to go home?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Every dog owner might have the same experience: You take your dog outside to play, and when you are about to return home, your dog starts to play dead or pull out some weird tricks to stay outside as long as possible.

Look at this golden retriever right here, she is playing dead in the middle of the road, and she is so smart that she is doing it in front of her owner's car, making it impossible to move. Since the dog is too heavy to be carried, the owner couldn't do anything but to try to pull her out of the road. Little does the owner knows, she is so determined and stubborn. It appears that the only way is to let her play until she is tired.

However, her determination and stubborness are destroyed when the owner says the magic words: "Let's go home and have some meat!". Apparently, a little piece of meat is more important than playing outside.

Leave a comment below on what would you do if your dog refuses to go home?

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