Training Stubborn Dogs

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Natural dog’s behavior can not be in a line with human thoughts about good dog manners. All you need is a good training.

training stubborn dog
Walking a stubborn dog

We all know the benefits of using the E-collars for dogs. They allow us to have an effective and easier time during the training. In this article we will show you how successfully use the E-collar if you have a stubborn dog. So, let’s get started!

Below you will find some reasons for dogs to be stubborn during the e-collar training.

﹡ the dog is confused as it is probably the first time that they are exposed to this method of training.

﹡ the owner is impatient and wants fast results from training. Owners always should remember that training a dog with an E-collar will need effort and time from them, and they must be patient.

﹡ incorrect techniques. One of the reasons why e-collar training for the stubborn dog fails is due to the negligence of the owner more than anything else. If you follow the proper steps and add love and patience, it will be easy for you to train any dog.

What is needed for an effective e-collar training session for the stubborn dog?

training stubborn dog
A dog wouldn't let go the rope

1. If the dog is not responding to your trainings, then you will need to let the dog know that there are consequences for failing to respond. E-collar is a very effective tool for that. You can send the tone or vibration stimulation and your dog will understand that he needs to change the behavior.

2. For dogs that are a little more on the stubborn side, the owner will need to be patient with them. Dogs should not be faulted if they are confused by the owner’s direction. Break up the sessions into smaller parts so that it can allow your dog to have the time to get the information. Let your dog understand that training is a fun and positive part of his life.

3. Always ensure that you have enough time for training. It should be a habit for your dog. You can even schedule it!

4. Do not make the training long. Short and positive training – at Petdiary it is the main recommendation for dog owners. And I completely agree. You will be really surprised how fast your dog can learn. And short sessions will prevent your dog from stubbornness.

5. It is a common misconception that more treats need to be given to the stubborn dog, so that he will respond to the training session. This is false. By giving him more rewards when he is misbehaving, you are actually reinforcing his negative behavior.

If you stick all the advice above, you will find out that training stubborn dog is not so stressful and tedious work. And Petdiary dog training collars will be great helpers. Your dog will easily respond to the commands, and there will be no time for his stubbornness!

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