Company Picnic in Shenzhen Bay Park

Staff in Petdiary organized a company picnic on the beautiful afternoon of October 27th. The picnic took place in Shenzhen Bay Park, which is known for its glorious coastal view. Shenzhen Bay Park is located along the southwest coast of Shenzhen City. It starts from the Futian Mangroves Bird Nature Reserve in the East, West of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong Sea Bridge in the west, borders on the Binhai Avenue in the north, faces Shenzhen Bay in the south, and overlooks Hong Kong across the sea. The park is about 11 kilometers along the coastline, and the total area is about 267.0518 acres. We arrived in the park at 2 p.m., and it was already filled with tons of people there. Some of them were also having a picnic, some were walking their dogs and we even saw people training their dogs with remote dog training collars.

More about the picnic, each one of us brought some of our favorite food / snacks to share with the entire group. The food included: homemade sushi, bread, desert puffs, cakes, potato chips, fruits, and distinctive Chinese local delicacies such as: flavored duck, spicy crayfish and braised dishes, etc.

After devouring the delicious food, we started to play some card games. It was Black Jack that we played, and we set up rules that whenever your cards exceed 21, you had to do either 10 push-ups or jump rope 10 times as a punishment. The rules made the game a lot more interesting than the original casino version because it was a lot more physical exercise involved. Not only did we have to do the math of Black Jack, but we also needed to maintain our energy to complete the punishment. All in all, we had a wonderful time.

Last but not least, here's poem to sum up our picnic:

" Under the October sunshine,

we ate, we drank, and we played.

It is here in Petdiary that we met and laughed! "

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