Dog Training is Necessary! 6-Month-Old Killed in Dog Attack

A 6-month-old baby was killed after being attacked by a dog in Salisbury while at his babysitter's house, police said.

The attack happened around 2:30 p.m. in the 700 block of Wilson Road. Police said the babysitter sat the child in the living room and walked outside to clean the backseat of her car. The sitter, who has not been identified, told police she heard her mother scream and ran back inside where she found the boy being attacked by her boxer/pit bull mix.

“He killed a 6-month-old baby. I was shocked,” said Lanyah Gaines, who lives in the area.“I thought he just bit somebody grown."

The infant, 6-month-old Jacari Long, was taken to Novant Rowan and then airlifted to NC Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. He passed away shortly after.

A misbehaved dog is dangerous, especially the ones that have tendencies to attacking humans.

Therefore, Dog Training at home is very crucial. Below are some helpful tips about training your dog(s) to get used to a toddler.

1. Teaching your dog some basic obedience skills will help you manage her behavior when the baby comes. You may start teaching your dog obedience skills with the help of Dog Training Collars, Bark Collars, etc. Let the dog know that you are in control of his actions.

* Sit and Stay, wait at doors and settle: These skills can help your dog learn to control her impulses, and they’ll prove useful in many situations. For example, you can teach your dog to lie down and stay whenever you sit in your nursing chair.

* Leave it and drop it: These two behaviors can help you teach your dog to leave the baby’s things alone.

* Relax in a crate: If you crate train your dog, you’ll know that he’s safe when you can’t supervise him, and he’ll have a cozy place of her own to relax when things get hectic.

* Come when called.

2. Four months before the baby arrives: Gradually introduce your dog to the new experiences, sights, sounds and smells she’ll encounter when you bring your baby home, and associate these new things with rewards. This will help your dog learn to love life with the baby.

3. One to two months before the baby arrives: Anticipate the changes you’ll make to your dog’s daily routine, and start making those changes.

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