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Main Features


※ Perfect for Dogs and Cats.

※ Perfect for protection of your pets against pests.

※ Ultrasonic pest repelling technology with no odor or chemical provides.

※ A pulse against fleas, mosquitoes or other insects.

※ Use 3pcs AG13 button battery. Voltage: 4.5V.

※ Product size: 6.6*2.1*3.1cm.

※ Comes with adjustable strap for easy use.

Pest Ultrasonic Repeller For Dogs and Cats | WT701

Product Description:


Pest Ultrasonic Repeller / Ultrasonic Pest Repeller / Ultrasonic Pest Control


Unlike most pest repellents, our patented technology uses 1 ultrasonic wave. These waves, inaudible to humans and pets, will constantly alternate, ensuring Fleas and other pests do not adopt or become immune. Color-coded Indicator light for easy monitoring.


The quick-effect can be observed immediately because the deep piercing wave height stimulates flies, fleas, and insects, making them very uncomfortable and forcing them to eventually escape. Electromagnetic waves in the pet body to send a signal to drive the body of the pests to escape their position, thus protecting the health of pets.


naturally remove fleas, without having to use harmful chemicals, the market has a lot of flea powder, you do not have to worry about the dog who has too much powder, you do not have to worry about the home are derived powder. Just need an ultrasonic truffle collar to help your dog have a healthy body.

Pest Ultrasonic Repeller For Dogs and Cats | WT701

The most effective and safest way to protest your pet from almost any dangerous pests, esp. these that may be carrying MOST NILE VIRUS and LYME DISEASE, with no odors or chemicals. It delivers a continuous pulse that fleas, ticks, and mosquito cannot stand, thereby repelling insects that can cause harm to your pet. Adopted Extensible leash, can reach up to 58cm. Working voltage 4.5v. There are 3 button batteries to supply electricity. It delivers a continuous pulse that flea, ticks, and mosquito cannot stand, no harm to pets. The most effective and safest way to protect your pet from almost any dangerous pests.

How do buttons work


On/off button-Insect working switch.

Mode button-Mode adjustment button.

Sound hold-Ultrasonic diffusion holes.

Indicator light-work signal light

The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
The most effective and safest way to protect pet from any dangerous pests. Using no odors or chemicals delivers continuous protection from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Can hang to pet neck directly and Don’t worry it will be not any harm to pets. Pull out the pull tab from the battery compartment, and press the on/off button. The LED indicator light is Enlightened, and the product starts to work. Stop working: simply press the On/Off button.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Power Replacement
This Pest Repeller is very useful to protect your pet. Pets pest repeller, effective and safe way to protect your pet from dangerous pestModel: eight kinds of frequency selection.4.5V DC voltage; Customers can select to adjust the mode of insecticide can repel fleas, lice, mosquitoes, rats and other pests
Replace batteries, Use a screwdriver to open battery compartment cover. Remove old batteries and replace with 3pcs new. Snap battery compartment covers back into place. Screw up the cover.

Packing Specifications:
1. New design with smart size 7*3.2*1.7cm
. Can hang to the pet neck directly, it has the hole(hole size:2*0.3cm) in
both side, can use with pet necklace together
3. Unit Size: 7×3.2×1.7cm
4. Size: Approx 65*26mm, belt length: Approx 58.5cm
5. Product weight only 110g (with packing) Small and exquisite

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