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Main Features


Completely wireless system with a signal field of closed loop circuit.

Rechargeable and waterproof receiver give your dog more freedom.

20-546 yard controlling range between transmitter and collar receiver.

100 level adjustable correction levels for effective dog fencing.

Capable to multi-dog fencing at the same time.

546 Yards Controlling Range Waterproof Rechargeable Invisible Dog Fence | KD661C

Product Description:

The Invisible Dog Fence | KD661C is the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. The instant fence operates with the same principles as an underground fence, and yet it is completely wireless. Invisible Dog Fence | KD661C sets up in an instant and is completely portable, so it’s great for travel or when you move into a new home.

The Invisible Dog Fence | KD661C uses a constant radio signal to create a “stay zone”. The receiver collar worn by your dog will pick up the signal. If your dog ventures out of the “safe zone”, which is very rare once he is properly trained, he will hear a warning tone followed by a light static correction which startles your dog but is completely safe and humane.

With a little training that is simple and quick. Your pet learns his boundaries and will stay safe at home. Setting up the boundary of your yard takes only a few minutes by adjusting the range on the transmitter which from a radius of just a few yards to up to 546 yards.




Correction system
Pre-correction warning tone: when the dog reaches the edge of the signal field it will hear a warning tone that lasts about two seconds. If the dog does not return to the safe area, it will receive a continuous correction by warning tone and static shock until it returns to the area.

Run-through prevention: the receiver automatically increases the correction as the dog approach to the signal edge. The dog cannot “run through” the signal field without receiving a strong correction.

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Connect transmitter and receiver:

The Invisible Dog Fence | KD661C comes with a portable invisible fence unit that establishes an invisible boundary by transmitting radio signals to the pet collar unit up to a distance of 150 feet line of sight from the transmitter. When your dog reaches the boundary zone (about 2 to 3 feet before the real boundary), the pet collar unit worn by your dog emits a warning beep followed by a static correction to get its attention until it backs away from the boundary zone. The pet collar unit is equipped with a safety feature such that it will stop delivering static correction if your dog stays outside the boundary for more than 30 seconds. The boundary zone can be marked with boundary flags as a visual aid for your dog, especially during the training stage.