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Main Features


※ 9 intensity levels of vibration and shock for training collar.

※ Nine Tones of choices for beep collar.

※ Three running modes for beep collar.

※ Water-proof for training collar and beeper collar.

※ Rechargeable Lithium battery for remote and collars.

※ High strength TPU dog belt.

※ Up to two dogs can be trained at the same time.


Hunting Dog Training Collar With High strength TPU Dog Belt | WT715

Product Description:



Hunting Dog Training Collar | WT715 is designed for hunting dogs together with the basic training function, you can use the training collar to get you to dog well behaved with the static shock and vibration function, easy & effective. Use the remote beeper for hunting, you can set different running and locating modes to your needs.

On holding it in hand, will you know how to make it work! the transmitter is ergonomic for its function layout, and it fits hands very well. Both the training collar and remote beeper have 9 intensity levels, making the Hunting Dog Training Collar | WT715 safe enough for your dog while training and hunting, the three running modes and accurate location function would give you a great hunting time with your dog.

What if the dog has to go pick prey from the water? No more worry! Both the collar and beeper have a perfect waterproof design, with it on, your dog can run in the rain, go through the humid bushes, and also enjoy cool swimming while taking a rest. The transmitter, training collar and remote beeper are installed with a Lithium battery, you can get them charged when the power is not enough for use.



Hunting Dog Training Collar | WT715
Hunting Dog Training Collar-WT715 is a special dog collar, this dog collar is first applied to our hunting dog collar. It uses a controller corresponding to the two receivers of the new model, also equipped with a variety of tips, voice prompts, vibration tips, shock tips,
Taking into account the equipment working environment in the outdoors, the receiver and the controller are used a high degree of waterproof design.


Dog Training Collar Receivers
A total of two receivers, one is the buzzer receiver, one is the vibration receiver. The two receivers also use a highly waterproof design, beep receiver beep distance can reach 546 yards. Shake the receiver at the same time their Selectric shock function, the control distance can reach 546 yards.

How Do Buttons Work


Channel 1 / Channel 2 Button-Choice the different channels for different collar receivers or/and beeper collars
Transmitter Button-Choice the different channels for different collar receivers or/and beeper collars
Mode Button-Hold over 3 seconds to turn on/off the unit, press the button to choose the different modes, there are 5 modes as followings.
V is vibration mode for the training collar
S is Static mode for the training collar
is the intensity Level of vibration and Static
R is running mode for Beeper collar and also reactivates the Remote Beeper functions after disabled by the Locate mode
T is Tone Mode and allows to choose from 9 different Remote Beeper Sounds
L is Locate Mode and also disables the Remote Beeper Functions
is the different tone sound
Up / Down Button-Adjust intensity levels of stimulation and choice the different tone sounds

How to set the Remote Beeper to work with a Remote Transmitter
Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the Collar Receiver, the Green indicator light flashes twice per seconds. Now the Collar Receiver is in the Standby status. Turn the collar receiver off (the Green Led light will be turned off)Press and hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the Receiver indicator light will come on and keep lighting for 10 seconds. You must encode the Remote transmitter with the Collar Receiver during this 10 seconds. You could choose channel 1 or 2 by pressing Mode button and then press the Operation Button Y to confirm. The confirmation must be done within those 10 seconds, otherwise, you have to turn it off and repeat the steps. For extra Collar Receiver, just choose the different channel and repeat the above.

Operation manual between Remote transmitter and Training Collar
Before use, please make sure you already encode the Remote Transmitter with Training Collar, and also choose the right channel. Turn on/off the Remote Transmitter and the Training Collar(please refer to a brief introduction or How to set the Training Collar to work with a Remote Transmitter)Press the Mode Button to choose V or S mode as your needs. For V mode – vibration mode, there are 9 intensity levels. Please use UP/Down Button to adjust them. For S mode – Shock Mode, there are 9 intensity levels. Please use UP/Down Button to adjust them. Press Transmitter button Y to send the signal to the Collar Receiver.

Hunting Dog Training Collar-WT715 (11).j

Connect transmitter and receiver:

The hunting dog training collar is a very special way to start, The receiver presses the “Mode” button to start, and the receiver starts and other dog training collar start the same way, you can click to start or close. Please refer to the operating instructions for specific use techniques.

With the Receiver Collar off your pet, turn the Receiver Collar off. Restart, press and hold the On/Off Button until the Green LED flashes every second on the Receiver Collar. This continues for 16 seconds, within which pairing should be completed.Press and hold the TONE and VIBRA Button of the Remote Transmitter at the same time until the Green LED Light on the Receiver Collar flashes rapidly for 5 times, indicating pairing is completed.

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