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Main Features


※ Proportional static shock.
The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the shock will be.
※ Progressive Warning Tone.
A warning tone will be issued twice and then a shock stimulus if your dog continues to move closer to the boundary.
※ Variable Field Width Control.
Allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.
※ Audible and Visual Wire Break Indicators.
Once the buried wire was broke, a loud sonic alarm will issue with a flashing light.
※ Speed Detect anti-run through.
The faster your dog is moving and the higher level of intensity is issued.
※ Multiple Collar Operation.
Add as many collars as you like to contain as many animals you have There is no limit to the number of collars it can control.
※ Up to 2500/5000 square meters range(over 1.24 acre).
※ Reflective Strap Fluorescent TPU, Increase night safety.


5000 Square Meters Range Electronic Fence with Wire And Fluorescent TPU Strap | F400

Product Description:

When bringing a new dog to the household, it’s key that it knows its limits.
Pet fence system offers the easiest and quickest way to train your dog to the ways of your home with a large selection of electronic collars. Our e-collars combine sophisticated technology with durability so your new pet can still enjoy the fun rough and tumble playtime with your family.
The harmless radio signal was issued by the transmitter and go through the wire to be the boundary of the “yard”. When your dog approaches the boundary beyond setting range, the receiver collar in dog neck will start up with a warning beep at first, If your dog keeps running to the boundary, the receiver will issue static shock with gradually stronger intensity until your dog returns back to the safe area, within the boundary you set up.

Installation of fence system
To make sure the fence system can be running smoothly, you should design a diagram of the fence area at first. Then mount the transmitter nearby the AC outlet, set the boundary with wire and flags, place the receiver collar into the neck of your dogs Please install the system as below steps:

Step 1: Mount the transmitter
To make transmitter work properly, you should ensure there is a 110/220 VAC outlet nearby before mounting it. Place the transmitter at a wall or tree and fixed it with screws.

Step 2: Install the boundary flags and Connect the wire
Connect one terminal of the wire to transmitter firstly, mount the boundary flags one by one according to the boundary layout, and make sure the wire goes through the hole of flags meanwhile. Until all the flags have been mounted properly along the boundary and come back to the transmitter Please keep the excess wire around the bobbin and connect the terminal of wire to the transmitter.


Step 3: Set parameters for the transmitter
The signal field is the distance from the wire to the place Where the collar receiver first activates. Pushing ONOFF button to turn on/off the transmitter power. The control range means the shortest distance between the boundary wire and the collar receiver. The value of the power level is bigger and the control range is bigger. Press ON/OFF button to turn on the transmitter, the "+"/ "-" button on the transmitter can adjust the transmitter signal intensity, not the correction intensity. Push the"+" button increase the control range and "-" button for decreasing it.


Wireless Electronic Dog Fence-F400 (12).

Verify the function of the fence system
Set the proper control range by pressing"+/-"button of the transmitter, - according to the comparison table above, Such as Level 10. And then take the collar to receive to right location as the right control range you set just now.

Press ON/OFF button of collar receiver to power it on and move the collar slowly toward to the boundary wire. If the warning tone of"bi-bi" is issued om the collar receiver and then place the LED test light on contact
probes of the receiver, the LED should light on in a few seconds. Now you move the receiver collar away from the boundary, the receiver will stop working once it is beyond the control range. Otherwise, the function of the fence system is worse.

Notice: Do NOT place the collar receiver on your dog until the fencing system has been tested and the signal field adjusted. You must manually test the containment system to verify that the signal is properly transmitted through the wire. Use the supplied test light.

How the correction works
1.    Pre-correction Warning Tone
When the dog reaches the edge of the signal field in the yard, it will hear a warning tone that lasts about two seconds. If the dog does not return to the safe part of the yard, it will receive a continuous correction until it returns to the safe area.
2.    Run-through Prevention
The receiver automatically increases the correction as the dog enters the signal field. The dog cannot "run through" the signal field without receiving a strong correction.

Wireless Electronic Dog Fence-F400 (8).j