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Main Features


※ 2 in 1 function; LED display, pet wireless fence & remote control sound vibration shock trainer.
※ The LED displays 5 different control radius distances; 30 files = 30 meters, 60 files = 60 meters, 90 files = 90 meters, 150 files = 150 meters, 300 files = 300 meters.
※ In wireless fence mode: a. The transmitter and receiver do not need to use the code, and the signal can be normally operated after being turned on; b. One transmitter supports multi-collar receiver.
※ Remote dog training mode: a. For code usage, you can control three dogs at the same time, 001 for the first dog, 002 for the second dog, and 003 for the third dog. b.Three functions: sound warning, vibration warning, static warning; c.Each function can be adjusted from 1-6 files.
※ Reflective with fluorescent TPU to improve night safety.
※ The transmitter and receiver are rechargeables, and the receiver is waterproof.


2 In 1 Electronic Dog Fence With Remote Dog Training Function | F300

Product Description:

The intelligent 2-in-1 Electronic Dog Fence | F300 is a new product in the pet electronic product market. It has a novel appearance and comfortable hand feeling. It is worth mentioning that it integrates the dog device and the wireless electronic fence in one operation, and the operation is simple.
Convenient, not only can better protect your pet's safety, but also allow pets to get better training within a limited range.

How to use the outdoor electronic wireless fence function:
Press the power button to turn it on, and the default fence mode LED will display 30.
1. The outdoor electronic wireless fence is centered on the transmitter with a maximum remote radius of 300 meters;
2. Adjust the distance by "+" and "-", display "30" for the radius "30" meters, display "60" for the radius of 60 meters, 5 different distances can be adjusted, 30 meters, 60 meters, 90 meters, 150 meters, and 300 meters
3. When the dog exceeds the set range of motion, the receiver that is worn will automatically start the training function, and the voice prompts for about 5 seconds, then there is a static reminder to remind the dog to return to the safe area. If the dog continues to move forward, The sound and the electric shock work at the same time, the frequency is gradually strengthened (adding a time), and after the dog feels the warning of the sound, it will not continue to move forward.
Tip: If the dog does not listen to the vibration warning or the speed of running is too fast beyond the wireless fence range, you can switch the dog's dog training mode to train the dog, and the dog returns to the wireless fence range to switch to the electronic wireless fence mode.
4. A single transmitter can support multiple receivers working simultaneously.
5. The transmitter is fully charged and can work continuously for about 20 hours.
6. Transmitter charging: DC 5V power supply, lithium battery 2500 mAh, it is recommended to use the original charger.

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How to use the dog training function:
1. The remote control distance of the dog trainer can be up to 250 meters.
2. Three dogs can be controlled at the same time. The LED digital display “001” indicates the first dog, “002” indicates the second dog, and “003” indicates the third dog.
3. Independent "sound", "vibration", and "electrostatic reminder" three function button selection. Each function has 1-6 levels of intensity adjustable. The low number indicates weak, the higher the number, the stronger the intensity, and the modes are adjusted with "+" and "-".
4. When the “Sound” function is selected, press the corresponding function button, and the size of 1-6 files can be adjusted. If you need continuous voice prompt training function, press and hold the button until you don’t need training.
5. When the “Vibration” function is selected, the corresponding function button can be pressed, and the size of 1-6 files can be adjusted. If the alarm training function is required, press and holds the button until you don’t need training.
6. When the “Static” function is selected, press the corresponding function button, and the size of 1-6 files can be adjusted. If you need a continuous alarm training function, press and hold the button until you don’t need the training to release the hand, and press for 10 seconds. The electric shock will be stopped afterward to prevent injury to the pet.
7. The strength of each function will retain the last operation. For example, when you set the
6-speed size under the selected sound function, after restarting the product, the sound function still maintains 6 files. If you need to change the size, directly Press the "+" or "–" button.
8. When using the dog training function, if you only train one dog, you can directly operate the dog training device. If you train three dogs at the same time, when operating the dog training device, press the MODE button to enter the dog training mode, long pressure MODE pair code: The number flashes, and the code is long after the code is successful. 001 corresponds to the first dog, 002 corresponds to the second dog, and 003 corresponds to the third dog, so that the same function signal will not be received at the same time, and the dog that does not need to be trained will not be prompted by the warning.

How to use the receiver:
1.    Press the power button to turn it on. After the power is turned on, the power light will be on. Then change the power to shut down.
2.    The receiver adopts the recyclable charging mode, the 3.7-volt lithium battery 400 mAh lithium battery, after the charging line is inserted, the red light flashes, and the green light is long when the battery is fully charged.
3.    If the receiver is still at 5 minutes, it will enter the sleep state, and the receiver can be awakened by the receiver, which can save more power.
4.    The LED test light is used to test the electrostatic intensity. The brighter the test light, the stronger the electric shock intensity.
5.    The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable and practical.
6.    The conductive column can be replaced, and a longer or shorter electric column can be selected according to the dog's hair.

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