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Main Features


※ Patented design with small and fine of meniscus shape.

※ Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.

※ 5 levels of sensitivity adjustment by+ and -buttons to be suitable for different dogs.

※ 2 training modes: beeper and static shock.

※ 5 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively.

※ Adjustable leather leash from 6” to 30” to suit for Dogs.


Anti Bark Shock E Collar For Dogs With Adjustable Leather Leash | PD258-S

Product Description:


At the first bark, PD-258 Anti-bark Collar applies a short warning tone. if a second bark occurs within thirty seconds, a more intense tone is sounded. From the third bark, a more intense tone is sounded along with a short, mild shock. Anti-bark Collar, PD-258-S can be adjusted to control the sensitivity of the voice, according to the size of dogs barking.

This pattern is repeated through 5 correction levels. the first two levels are only with a progressively warning tone. If your dog continues to bark through the rest three levels, the more intense sound and shock are applied after each bark until your pet stops for thirty seconds, and then Anti-Bark Collar will automatically reset to the first “tone only”level of correction. To protect the dog, if the continuous stimulus reaches the 5 levels, then the Anti-bark Collar will stop working for 1 minute.

The use of the warning tone followed by increasingly intense tones and shocks sets up a pattern that your dog will quickly learn is caused by its own barking. It takes time to break bad habits. When your dog forgets and barks again, the warning tone reminds your pet without immediately applying painful stimulus. At each step, your dog gets to choose whether it`s worth the increasing pain to bark again.



The Dog Bark Collar is controlled by a microprocessor which distinguishes your dog’s bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers sound and shock stimuli after each bark. The output level of sound and shock is increased gradually as barking. Continues, giving your dogs plenty of warning before it becomes painful. The Anti-bark Collar is a unique pattern of increasing sound and shock quickly teaches your dogs that it is its own bark that is causing discomfort, it takes time to break bad behavior but the most effective. The Anti-bark Collar can be charged with plenty of electricity for a long time to correct bad behavior for your dog.

How Do Buttons Work


Switch-Press switch to turn on the Anti-bark Collar, press the switch for a long time to turn off it.
Charger Interface-This Anti-bark Collar is chargeable with mobile charger or computer USB interface, and please double check below parameters before charging
Sensitivity Adjustable-Adjust the sensitivity of the Anti-bark Collar, it has 5 levels.
Test Hole-Test the sensitivity. Blow to the test hole, when activating the Anti-bark Collar, it will produce corresponding reaction to correct dog’s bad behavior.

The Instructions of Dog Bark Collar
Open the remote transmitter, adjust the level of vibration or static shock above 0.Press the “1/2” button to choose a signal channel you want to use. Press the ON/OFF button of the receiver, the receiver will have a short “beep” sound, now the receiver is opening.then the red LED light will flash one time every 8 seconds. After the receiver opening, press on/off button for 1 second, the red light will become fast flicker, the fast flicker will last for 10 seconds, at this time you must press function button(static shock/vibration /sound, which one all can be) of the remote,then you can listen a beep sound,it proves the remote and receiver contact signal successful. If you do not press the function button within 10 seconds, please contact them again. If you have 2 receivers, switch the “1/2” button to choose another channel for signal contact.

Automatically Self-Protective Model and Battery Condition
No matter how many times anti-barking collar works, it will automatically reset after the dog stops barking for 30 seconds. In order to protect the dog, if anti-barking collars continuously work for 7 times, the guiding light will quickly twinkle, and if the collar stops works for 1 minute, it will switch to stand by model. It’s very friendly and effective with this gradually enhancing alarm sound and static shock technology.
This anti-barking collar is cycled chargeable, and when charging, it will twinkle red light, and when fully charged, the light will not twinkle but stay red. When battery low, the anti-barking collar will shut down automatically, and please charge in time.

Please use USB charger with below parameters (This product is chargeable with mobile charger or computer USB interface, and please double check below parameters before charging)
Output :5V 1000 mA (or 300mA/500 mA)

1)Please cut the strip properly if too long.
2)Please don’t tie the leash with the Dog Bark Collar strip.
3)Please put the collar under the dog neck, and adjust the strip to one finger space. If too loose, it will highly affect the static shock.

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Home > Products > Bark Collar > Anti Bark Shock E Collar For Dogs With Adjustable Leather Leash | PD258-S

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