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Main Features


※  Innovative blind operation with touch distinguishing mode buttons.

※ 300M remote dog training range.

※ User expandable to a two-dog system.

※ Extra-long standby time (15 days for the receiver).

※ 16 adjustable progressive intensity levels for shock.

※ 8 adjustable progressive intensity levels for vibration.

※ Backlit LCD indicating intensity level and battery.

※ 100% waterproof receiver.

※ Touch-typing with touch distinguishing mode buttons.

※ Silicone button with carbon contact, silent clicking to preventing pets conditioned reflex to the sound of clicking.

300M Remote Range Waterproof Dog Training Collar | P320

Product Description


The dog training collar P320 comes with 3 training options of sound, vibration and shock. It also works well when hunting with your dog(s).


Modern Design
The dog training collar with remote features a state-of-the-art modern design. – It works from up to 330 yards away! Sound, vibration and shock functionalities as well as the prompt level in automatic mode can be tuned through 16 levels of intensity to ensure a response from your pet! The LCD display modern design buttons make the collar easy to use – the collar and receiver are 100% waterproof.


Comfortable and adjustable
High-quality rubber and it is size adjustable to fit breeds of nearly all sizes, which means you may use the dog training collar for small dogs and large dogs.


Safe and eco-friendly
The dog training collar uses the latest technology and is FCC and CE certified for your safety and the safety of your dog. The dog training collar is operated with rechargeable batteries to avoid unnecessary waste of disposable batteries. Different specifications of the charger and USB cable included.

300 meters control:
In the open area can reach a distance of 300 meters, In the case of a building can reach 200 meters.


16+8 strength levels:
16 shock and 8 vibration adjustment levels can be suitable for any size dogs.


Super durable rechargeable battery:
Built-in rechargeable 3.7V li-polymer battery on transmitter and receiver durable for 1000 times

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Product Details


Waterproof and extended functions:
After the national authority of the detection, dog training collar P320 waterproof rating to IPX7 level, compared to other products with higher water resistance.


Control a few dogs?
Our dog training collar P320 has the advantage of being able to control 2 dogs at the same time, and this will quickly improve the training efficiency.

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