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Main Features


※ Remote transmitter and chargeable waterproof receiver collar.

※ Up to 1090 yard remote control distance with power saving system.

※ Free combination among three modes: beep sound, vibration, and static shock.

※ 99 intensity levels for beep sound, and vibration & static shock.

※ Two pairs of metal prong (short/long) to suit dogs with varied fur thickness.

※ Training up to 3 dogs.


1090 Yards Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Remote Training Collar For 3 Dogs | WT759

Product Description:


Don’t want to reset the training modes every time when using the E-collar? The Dog Remote Training Collar | WT759 can solve your problem effectively. it just takes 1 minute to finish the correction setting, which could be memorized by the system, it gives you the most effective way for your training.


To prevent your pet from the mistake operation, this system set the working time up to 10 seconds each time. Then you have to repress the launch button again to keep operating.


The waterproof receiver allows your dog to enjoy the cool summer freely. You just need to charge the receiver when you see the low battery indicator, and the lithium battery allows up to 500 times for charge-discharge.


The power saving design could really resolve the trouble of battery problem, they will turn into the sleep mode as is programmed, and quite easy to be activated also, you don’t need to charge the collar or replace the battery for the transmitter frequently.




About Dog Remote Training Collar | WT759:

Multi-Dog Training System Dog Remote Training Collar | WT759 with rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar has been proven safe, comfortable, and effective for all pets over 25 pounds. This system assists you in controlling your pet without a leash in a range up to 1090 yard. At the push of a button, the remote transmitter sends a signal, activating the collar receiver and conducting the corrections. Using the Dog Remote Training Collar | WT759 consistently and correctly, much of your dog’s bad habits can be corrected.


After scientific proof, generally 2-3 weeks can correct the dog bad behavior,5-6 weeks to correct more stubborn behavior.

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How Do Buttons Work

Channel 1 / Channel 2-Switch the function mode, can control a dog, you can also control the two dogs, according to the screen above the display mode to choose.

Launch Button-Start or shut down the device.

Mode Button-Mode button, you can choose a different model for training, this dog training collar has four models. Voice prompts, vibration tips, electric shock tips, depending on the size of the dog, or according to different degrees of dog to choose a different mode.

Up / Down Button-Adjust the pattern level a total of 99 levels, different levels of control different dogs.

To turn the Transmitter on
1. Press Mode Button for 5 seconds to turn on the transmitter.2. Select the channels for receivers by switching the Knob on the transmitter.3. Press M1 to select the memory group, then start setting correction modes with Mode Button.
4. Adjust the intensity levels for shock & vibration with the Up/Down buttons on right side.5. Finally, press M2 to save the correction setting as a memory group, and there are 3 memory groups for each channel.6. Press Launch Y button to send the correction signal as is set beforehand.

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To turn the Receiver Collar on
1. Press and hold the On/Off Button until the Green LED light comes on;
2. Release the On/Off Button. In normal mode, the Green LED will flash once every 5 seconds,
indicating the Receiver Collar is on and ready to receive a signal from the Handheld Transmitter.

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Connect transmitter and receiver:
Charge The Collar Receiver:
1. Press the power button to turn on the Collar Receiver, the green LED light flashes every
4 seconds after a beep.
2. Charge the Collar with the adaptor that comes with the unit, and the red LED turns on.
3. Discharge the collar when you see the red light turns off automatically.

Connect Transmitter And Receiver:
1) Turn on the transmitter by pressing any button on the transmitter.
2) Switch the knob to choose the channel for pairing, choose channel first receiver.
3) Restart the receiver with a beep sound.
4) After a beep from the receiver, press the “Y” button within 10 seconds.
5) The collar receiver beep again means they are connected successfully.

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