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Main Features


※ Waterproof anti-bark collar.

※ 7 levels for static shock.

※ Work with battery(including).

※ 7 sensitivity levels(1-7) for a wide variety of dispositions.

※ Effective dogs 10-120 pounds.

※ 1 minute auto-protection mode after 7 times work.

※ Durable and adjustable TPU strap(length:25-70cm).


Waterproof Battery Dog Bark Stopper With Adjustable TPU Strap | WT855

Product Description:


This WT-855 is designed for small medium and big dog training, when the vibration sensor inside of the unit is triggered on by your dog’s barking, the dog bark terminator delivers static shock corrections to force him to give up the improper behavior, it has been proven to be safe and effective for family dog training.

This micro-processed barking dog training collar works with static shock corrections only, and intensity increases automatically from level 1 to level 4 as your dog insists on barking, and there is a sensitivity dial on the E collar, it helps you get your dog’s barking into a proper range easily.

Not waterproof, Replaceable 6-volt Battery, Main effective on medium-small sized dogs weighing 10-35 lbs. The collar is useful for the 6-10 lbs dogs, but it is a little big for the small dogs. Don’t encourage you to use it for the big dogs/ large breed, especially exceed 40 lbs, because the small stimulation (vibration, shock) for the large breed may not be a too obvious effect.



Train your dog to stop excessive barking easily and painlessly. The Pet Trainer’s new Rechargeable No Bark Anti Bark Control Collar offers perfect bark technology.

As a high-tech pet product, dog bark collars are designed to be more effective and more humane to train pet dogs, A device that is invented by a dog barking or its stubborn situation, controlled by a microprocessor. The microprocessor distinguishes the dog from the sounds of the surrounding things, A dog barking device will automatically generate a warning sound and shock.

The bark control collar is activated by a vibration sensor and microphone, this prevents unintentional corrections. It also ensures that the bark collar will only activate if the dog wearing the bark control collar starts barking or making other nuisance level noise, ensuring your dog is never confused by a correction occurring accidentally.

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How Do Buttons Work

Led light button-When this button is clicked, a sound prompt is executed on the receiver
Channel button-Choose a different type of control, you can control two dogs and a dog,
Mode button-Select the control mode, the control mode can be selected for the sound, static shock, light, vibration, 4 tips,
Up / down button-Adjust the intensity of each control mode to a maximum of 100.

How to Turn on the NO Bark Dog Collar
Switch the pointer on the sensitivity dial away from ” off “, and the led light flashes in red once, it means the system is ready for normal working. There are 7 levels for sensitivity provided for different situation, when you walk dogs in an open field, like gardens, you can set a lower intensity level, and if you need him to stay quietly in your home or office, higher levels are suggested.

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How to TEST Dog Bark Collar
1. Turn on the collar and set the sensitivity level to 7.
2. Scratching the surface to cause vibration, the LED indicator flashes in red and the test light flashes to indicate the collar is working.
The dog bark terminating system has an auto-protection mode when training in order to protect your dog from overtraining, when the bark collar has delivered the corrections 7 times with 30 seconds, it stops working with a led light blinking in red for 1 minute, then it goes into a sleep mode, and restart from the lowest intensity when your dog barks.

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Adjust The Level & Replace The Battery

Automatic Intensity of Electric Shock
1. The Intensity of Electric Shock increases automatically and progressively from level 1 to level 7 according to dog bark frequency.
2. The system turns into sleep mode for not being triggered on over 20 seconds, and restart from the lowest intensity level when your dog barks.

Install the battery
1. Open the battery screw cap with a 10 cent coin.
2. Insert a 6V alkaline battery into the tray.
3. Screw back the battery cap with a coin.
If the LED Indicator flashes in red when the collar is turned on, it means the battery needs to be changed.

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