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Main Features


※ LED display sensitivity receiving strength 1-7 level.

※ Sound + shock modes.

※ Suitable for large and small dogs.

※ Nylon dog strap effective adjustable length value of 18-70 cm.


Sound & Shock Nylon Dog Strap Anti-Barking Collar | B500



This Anti-Barking Collar | B500 comes with:

-CE MSDS certification
-1 Year Warranty
-Working Mode: Sound & Shock
-Adjustable level : 1-7
-Belt Length: 18-70mm

Need To Know:
1. Do not allow your dog to chew this collar. You should also attempt to minimize
scratching or clawing at the casing
2. This device is made up of plastic and electronic components that are not
digestible. Consult your local vet if your dog swallows any part of this product
3. The collar is not intended for use as a restraining collar. If you are using a
leash, use it with a separate restraining type of collar.


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