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Main Features


※ Patented design with Small size and lightweight.
※ Voice Recognition feature minimizes false triggering.
※ Full Waterproof and Rechargeable.
※ 1-5 levels of sensitivity adjustment by “+” and “-” buttons.
※ Vibration with No Shock.
※ The nylon collar is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear
※ On/off and select the intensity level of stimulation.
※ An adjustable collar strap is suitable for most small and medium dogs.
※ The collar turns into 1-minute-automatic protection mode after 7 times consecutive working.
※ High quality with reasonable price, easy operation with practical function.


Electronic Anti Bark Collar For Dog With No Shock | PD258-V

Product Description:



We want to help your Vibration Dog Bark Collar safely and humanely. The No Bark Collar helps stop barking with progressively increasing sound and shock. It is controlled by a microprocessor that distinguishes your dog’s bark from other environmental noises to help keep your pet safe.


PD-258-V Vibration Dog Bark Collar built-in 300mA rechargeable battery, charging one-hour long standby for 14 days.

7 SENSITIVITY LEVELS: Whether you’re training your new dog or just need a break from nighttime barking, our Vibration Dog Bark Collar features 7 sensitivity levels that activate only when your dog barks. The stimulation increases with each level until the barking stops for 30 seconds. It’s also a great Christmas gift!


At Wellturn, your dog’s wellbeing is our top priority. The Vibration Dog Bark Collar sends harmless warning shocks, progressing through the 7 sensitivity levels. For your dog's protection, it will stop working for 1 minute should your dog continue to bark.


From Beagles to Dobermans and almost virtually any dog in between, our Vibration Dog Bark Collar fits nearly any breed. To help guarantee the safety and comfort of your pet, we generally recommend the collar for dogs ranging from18-120 lbs. great Christmas gift for any dog lover.


Vibration Dog Bark Collar with Built-in Battery
This Vibration Dog Bark Collar has a rechargeable built-in battery. The longest standby time can be up to 14 days.

To save power, we designed the more humane switch button on the Vibration Dog Bark Collar, when you don’t need to use the collar, you can just press the button to close it instead removing the battery.

Automatic Protection Function

Automatic Mode. Put the Vibration Dog Bark Collar in automatic mode and let its smart design do the rest! The dog Vibration will play the warning tone and then administer a Level 1 Vibration.

If your dog continues to bark, vibration time gradually increased. Once barking stops for at least 30 seconds, the anti bark collar resets. If the dog barks for seven consecutive times, the Vibration Dog Bark Collar turns off for 1 minute to ensure safety.

Give Pets a High Quality of Comfort

The Vibration Dog Bark Collar is made of high quality and tears resistant nylon to ensure it’s durability and comfort for dogs. And our dog collars with adjustable buckles to ensure a comfy and perfect fit.


At the same time, you do not need to worry about its length. This Collar can be extended to the longest 70CM, suitable for all size dogs.

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Electronic Anti Bark Collar Pet Dog Stop Bark Collar With No Shock
The Vibration Dog Bark Collar has a vibration feature with 5 sensitivity levels (no electric shock). When your dog barks, the Vibration Dog Bark Collar is activated by vibration. The first time when your pet barking, the Vibration Dog Bark Collar will respond to slight vibration to correct the bad behavior. If the slight vibration of the Vibration Dog Bark Collar cannot stop the dog’s barking behavior, the process will start again, but the intensity will increase. If the dog is no longer barking within 30 seconds, the Vibration Dog Bark Collar will be reset to the lowest level. If the dog starts barking in 30 seconds, the intensity of the Vibration Dog Bark Collar will increase gradually. If the collar works seventh successively, the collar rest for a minute to protect the dog’s safety.